Wrestling with Ahriman

You hear all the time about the wonderful journeys, creations, and explorations that Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel have been through in their lives – from creating a musical Copy (1) of Tyla-colormovement that ended the Cold War to writing the original movie template of Star Wars. As our regular AIM readers will note, that is just the tip of the iceberg for these two geniuses.

I, the Captain of the AIM Mothership, began my journey to truth as a graduate student in Humanities at Florida State University where I studied under Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein (don’t forget the “L” if you internet search his name). Dr. Rubenstein is a brilliant Jewish theologian whose classes at FSU are legendary.

I took them all…plus any independent studies with him available. Some of you on this site wrote me when I mentioned him before and shared your own experiences of being in his classes as underclassmen as well as graduate students.

At the time I came to his first class, I only knew of him from his article in Time Magazine “God After the Death of God” which came from his book in After Auschwitz: History, Theology, and Contemporary Judaism. 2nd. ed (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992), 293–306.

god is dead nietzsche

As I look back, I eventually answered that question ‘Is God Dead’, but in a much deeper way now, as an older and wiser woman, than I could have as a neophyte in my twenties. If you know Dr. Rubenstein, make sure he gets a copy of my book and my answer: God is dead because they killed the Goddess. 

Gospel of Sophia: Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity


There has never been a hesitation in my mind what my role needed to be in these times that Dr. Rubenstein warned us. He showed his students a history of the world through the lens of religion that created a world-vision that would keep many of us seeking and learning for years to come.

I will never forget that day in a small ground level classroom, across the street from the Chi Omega House house where Ted Bundy went on his killing spree. I was seated next to grad pal Jim Halstead who was working on his PhD under Dr. Rubenstein and one of his favorite students at the time, so Jim said. Jim is now deceased; I add his name to confirm the story for others that might remember that particular class lecture.

Dr. Rubenstein stood at our desks looking at us with piercing knowing eyes and said,

“You may be the very one that will need to wake up the world and sound the alarm.”

In reflection after listening to his video below, perhaps this is one of the synchronicities (we would call karma) that would lead him to Tallahassee, Florida. He was my guru, so to speak, and I his grasshopper. He was tapping my forehead with his ideas and awakening me to become the truth seeker I am and will always be.

Here is a recent video I found with Dr. Rubenstein. Yes, Dr. Rubenstein, I saw the signs, asked the questions, alerted as many as possible, and faced reality.

BTW the first 10 minutes of the interview below is weedy. Once you get to the 10 minute mark it picks up, but increase the speed to at least 1.25 -1.5 to compensate for his slow 91 year-old voice.

Interview with Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein


Know Your Enemy

obama michelle barry

When Obama was elected in 2008, I could see the enemy forces gathered that Dr. Rubenstein had warned us about*, just as his ancestor had seen the signs in pre-WWII Germany of the growing Nazi movement and what that could mean to Jews. The woke Jews fled to America. Those who stayed behind were thrown in Auschwitz and other death camps. This is the powerful message that Dr. Rubenstein brought to his courses at Florida State University. From his deep research, he showed us the signs to watch for so that we would not fall into the same tyranny that has befallen so many cultures before us. He dispelled the myth that it couldn’t happen in America. In fact, that is where he was most concerned it would happen.

I hadn’t thought about Dr. Rubenstein in years, but once I saw the growing troops surrounding Obama’s administration, I knew I had to do something, just like many of you in this audience who have found this corner of the internet because we share a similar consciousness. But what? I was just a wee voice in a vast sea of propaganda. This was in the early days of the internet and all I was watching at the time was Glenn Beck, who, in the end, failed our truth movement miserably. There was this aggregator site called Drudge that they said was “conservative.”

I didn’t have much in the way of truth news to guide me, and I wasn’t aware then of how corrupt the news media is. Basically, like many of you, I knew something was wrong in our country ever since September 11, 2001 jolted me out of my slumber. But I was in the dark – with the exception of a spiritual light inside of me.

transfixedThe LIGHT I had was my own Damascus experience back in October 1984 and the indications from Rudolf Steiner who wrote about the coming of Ahriman in western civilization at the turn of the century. You can find English translations inside this link; then use the search bar for lectures about Lucifer and Ahriman.

I felt paralyzed in how to start the journey. So I decided to make a physical trip to the center of what I perceived then as the den of corruption – the White House. I needed to get inside and walk in prayerful silence as a good tourist. I prayed that I would be guided in finding my own way of defeating the beast that was destroying my beloved America.

I made this pilgrimage during an August 2010 trip to participate in the the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally.

One thing I knew for sure as I left the WH tour, I wasn’t going to be able to approach this leviathan straight on. They owned the presidency, the courts, the media, and the narrative. This was going to need to be asymmetric and badass – just like the American Intelligence Media network has grown to become.

Later, when I learned how to use the internet better, I found this lecture from my beloved teacher who confirmed for me, without knowing that he had had done so, that I had read the ‘signs’ correctly. The alarms needed to be sounded.

The most important thing Dr. Rubenstein gave this young graduate student at FSU was the ability and courage to name the enemy.


The description box under the YouTube reads: “Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Yale fellow, “Distinguished Professor of the Year”, and Harvard Phd, states that president Obama’s intention is to “correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel.” Moreover, Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama is extremely pro Muslim due to his family past to the point of “wanting to see the destruction of Israel.””

Richard L. Rubenstein: Obama Most Radical President ever
Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein on The Jewish Surrender Syndrome

Tyla continues to explain the next step in her plan to take down corruption in D.C.


By now the AIM reader has probably figured out that I lost all of my friends long ago speaking truths like those you read on the Cat Report. Many of you have had the same thing happen. Once I realized that my view of the world was entirely different from what was being portrayed on the media and the news, I kept my silence among those who were sound asleep, brainwashed. People are not kind when they are aroused unexpectantly out of a deep sleep.

But then there was this evening when I couldn’t stay quiet any longer. I was with some of my gal pal friends, all successful and smart entrepreneurs and business owners. We were having a nice dinner, pleasant conversation, when the mood in the room changed suddenly with what had recently happened at Sandy Hook. I stayed quiet because the truth would be too much for them to grok – that Sandy Hook was a huge gun grab false flag of crisis actors run by rogue factions in our government.


They started weeping for all the children and their parents and it was just ludicrous that these smart and talented women believed the media propaganda. I had to open my big mouth, which was actually trying to console them, and said, “No children died at Sandy Hook.” You would have thought I had exploded a nuclear bomb in the dining room.

Instead of being consoled with my explanation of why no children died, they grew angrier and angrier. Women who under other circumstances in their business life made savvy, thoughtful decisions were going raving mad with a redpill that they were just not swallowing.

Needless to say, I was never invited back to the group so I have plenty of time to do a daily blog. Lucky you.

Back to the White House a few years prior to the disastrous ‘lose all your friends’ over Sandy Hook discussion, I am thinking

“OK, Spirit, what next?”


I knew from my esoteric studies that it was possible to effect lower dimensions by working from the higher ones. This is a simple rule all warriors know, whether they are military or spiritual warriors. “Intelligence” is having the ability to see the battlefield from a higher vantage point than where the enemy is engaged.

Also important, as Dr. Rubenstein lectured extensively, was to understand the historical and cultural motives behind what appears, or doesn’t, in the daily news. What that means to us today is that in order to make the grand, sweeping moves that will revive America’s heartbeat and flame as a shining city on a hill, we need to move the battle away from the daily drudge and nudge of lawfare and bureaucracy where truth and justice never seem to occur, year after year, decade after decade.

Gowdy swamp thing

Folks, we have been doing that battle for a long time and we never get any results. Time to find another way.

Rudolf Steiner taught that treating illness effectively required the caregiver to consider the etheric and astral bodies well as the physical body. In fact, working on the higher bodies often brought cure to the lower one. This is what Sophia whispered to me that day I left the White House. She said that I would need to work from a higher plane and that the next step in the journey would be to protect myself from detrimental energies. Frankly, at that time, I had no idea how deep the corruption of our world was so having an extra coat of spiritual armor turned out to be a blessing.

To fortify my environment, I set out to learn everything I could about dowsing, energy, vibration, frequency and the incredible world of sacred geometry. I took classes from master teachers all around the country to learn their techniques, until I settled on a few that worked best for me. A year later, I would meet Douglas, who blew me away with his knowledge of this field – and everything else, too. (wink). We began using our combined resources of spiritual knowledge to create the Qube and write articles like these:

Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies?


We used solid principles of frequency and vibration to create the Qube and the sigils that we recommend you use in your environment. Of course, other items can be used – quality crystals, meteorite, stones, music, sacred items from your spiritual practice. We have given you many suggestions and hope that you are working with the techniques that resonate with you.

First Step: Do something. Make a physical statement that you are going to restore the Republic. I went to the White House. Maybe your statement will be to volunteer as a poll watcher or attend an America First Revival.

But you have to get up.

You have to show up.

Second Step: Fortify your environment for the type of warfare that best suits your interests.

If you are working in the human physical domain that will mean something different than if you are working in the legal or spiritual domain.

How will you armor yourself for the battlefield you are willing to enter? Don’t forget that your truth weapons might be forged from places never used before in battle – blogs, memes, videos, graffiti, music, art.

Like I always ask our truth community – what are your skills, talents, resources, etc? How can you influence others to join our global movement? Do what you can. The patriots beside you will do the same. Together we will save the world.

divine deed of death


5 comments on “Wrestling with Ahriman”
  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.


  2. Ron Spence says:

    As I read along using my imagination seeing that 20 yr old tapping her pencil upon that desk, I reached the point in the where you were in ladies club and my vision went blank, somehow I just can’t see that in you, you know the tea and crumpets type of lady.

    Whilst I was MIA I happened upon this video Operation Paperclip that I will link below, the interview of your mentor above and reflecting upon his journey and the information contained in the video, my observations were of such an evil deep seated generational force and dare I say hatred of human spiritual growth and development I can only conclude that some evil entity must overtake and possess people. All the while these demons hide in the dark manipulating those they have corrupted to carry out their evil agendas. To them there is no distinction between good and evil, they use both to attain their goals, as a useful tool to divide, confuse and distract society from ever progressing.

    I’m curious, havent you always knew that something wasn’t right. Like that famous red pill, blue pill scene in the Matrix movie depicted? For me it was.


    1. Our Spirit says:

      It wasn’t just any lady’s group. But I can’t go into that right now – wink.

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  3. Weyne says:

    You must be dancing a lot Tyla.
    Thank you and Douglas.
    Blessings as always to the both of you.

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    1. Our Spirit says:

      Dancing like a Sufi over here!


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