Temple of Wisdom

To meet the Being of Wisdom Her followers have sacrificed everything in the effort to approach Her and be blessed by Her presence. They have traveled far and wide and suffered great austerities through renunciation of lower desires and many purification practices that clean and prepare the soul for the encounter with Wisdom Herself, Sophia.

Ancient traditions have taught that the aspirant who loves Sophia must first find Sophia’s home, which has been given many names – the Temple of Wisdom, the Temple of Pansophia, the Halls of Wisdom, Heaven, Eden Regained, Shamballa, Tushita, Mount Meru, the World Tree, and the Garden of the Hesperides, among many others. Every spiritual tradition refers to this “holy of holies,” which is the inner sanctum in the heart of hearts of every aspirant. It is the sacred ground that is unmovable and is often located in the far north where the “Sun at Midnight” always shines and the climate is perfect to grow everything imaginable. The inhabitants of this land were called by the Greeks Hyperboreans, who each year sent a magical “golden bough” from the northland to the people of Greece.

The people of this “northland” were seen as more highly evolved than human beings and often offered wisdom, love, and assistance. Frequently, the people of the Northland possess some type of “magic mill” that grinds out gold, salt and meal – the sacred substances that re-enliven the soul and spirit. Those substances were seen as the food of wisdom, whether we call them the Apples of the Hesperides, as the Greeks did, or the Golden Apples of Immortality that Iduna grew for the Norse Gods, or Bragi’s mead that brings wisdom and insight. These “foods” helped continue the “immortality” of the gods.

Nectar and ambrosia are other names for wisdom because wisdom brings the insight of human reincarnation which is proof of human immortality. Wisdom enkindles the truth of human immortality in the heart of the aspirant, and this feeds the soul and spirit the nourishment it needs to build new supersensible organs of perception that can directly experience the beings who administer the wisdom that we find in the world. This same wisdom is also found within our personal self – our “I AM,” or ego consciousness.

The “I Am” consciousness can travel everywhere in the cosmos through thinking and even seems to become more free during dreams.

Our “I” can go anywhere it wants at night after it first exits through the heart and then through the earth’s North Pole into the realms of the planetary spheres that surround the earth. Every human “I” exits through the North Pole when he or she falls asleep. At first, the human “I” hovers above the earth in the shining realms of the “Sun at Midnight” before expanding into wider spheres of beings that surround the earth and provide the nectar and ambrosia that humans consume at night while asleep. Our higher thoughts, feelings, and actions are the food we offer the gods at night and they reciprocate by offering wisdom, love, and grace that activates the human temple and causes the master glands to excrete higher order catalysts in the form of hormones that replenish the human body. Pituitrin, which is excreted from the pituitary gland, is one form of ambrosia and nectar that Wisdom uses to feed and nourish the striving aspirant.

Understanding this system of earthly and cosmic nutrition is part of Wisdom’s insight that accompanies the aspirant’s ever widening horizons along the path.

To offer our personal gifts to the hierarchies each night, we must find the sacred ground of the north and seek what is often called the “Island of the Blessed” where the Wise Ones live. We ascend to this island in the north when we cross the threshold between waking and sleeping — the physical and spiritual. Base consciousness that revels in lower desires falls into dreamless sleep and is barely nourished each night, but higher consciousness is met with Wisdom’s bouquet of offerings from the Temple of Pansophia that reward virtues with a spiritual feast of delicacies beyond this earthly world. This place where the developed aspirant goes each night is truly the Temple of Wisdom on the Island of the Blessed in the far northland, which is always filled with light that is full of wisdom. Finding this sacred island with wakeful consciousness is an important step on the path of spiritual development that leads to consciously crossing the bridge to the Island of the Blessed.

All fear, doubt and hatred must be left behind with the first step on the bridge. It is the Wisdom that understands the golden rule (love your neighbor as yourself) that keeps the aspirant conscious as she crosses the bridge. To reach the other side she must relinquish all desire for sense-perceptible matter and any selfish concern. Freely created, conscious surrender to the higher hierarchies and complete faith and trust in their love must fill the aspirant’s heart before she can consciously step off of the bridge and onto the holy ground of the Island of the Blessed, home of the Temple of Wisdom.

The grounds of the island are filled with trees bearing every type of heavenly fruit. Four rivers flow out of the magnificent temple in the middle of the island. The shape of the temple seems to be alive and mobile as it transforms into shapes, colors and sounds that reveal the Wisdom inherent in the human body as a reflection of the cosmos. Some aspirants become lured by the fruit and pick one to see if its beautiful form and smell are matched by heavenly taste.

Dreamless sleep overwhelms the aspirant who has again and again tasted the fruit on the outside of the temple preventing them from approaching the temple itself. The steadfast aspirant who wishes to enter the temple stays focused on the language that the temple is speaking to her heart. She walks around the temple reading, hearing, and seeing the cosmic Wisdom that the temple spells out in cosmological correspondences displayed in its forms and structures that are also found in the human body.

The aspirant becomes aware that all that she sees is the result of every good thought, feeling, or deed that she accomplished in all of her lives which has now been turned into the living stones of the temple that stand before her.

The more an aspirant builds through moral deeds, the more she can experience the veils of the temple lifting to reveal the universal cosmic temple.

The entrance to the Temple is finally found after long study of the language of the spirit which is written on the outside walls. The entrance cannot be found until the aspirant is ready and knows that what lies within is the inner sanctum, the holy of holies, a place removed from time and space where only consciousness that is filled with Wisdom can dwell.

Stepping across the doorway into the temple, the aspirant becomes aware that she is on holy ground and must remove her shoes and wash her feet, hands, and head. There by the fountain, is a white linen gown, the only garment needed in the temple. Cleaned and purified by the sacramental waters, the aspirant dons the white garment which seems to humble the aspirant and indicates that the aspirant’s soul has become born again or become a virgin soul that has passed through the baptism of water and is ready to be wed to the higher spirit through the baptism of fire. But first, every personal ornament of the soul, every precious jewel of the mind, every attachment of the heart must be left at the fountain as final purification of the outer world in preparation for the higher sacraments.

This outer courtyard of purification is where some aspirants fall asleep and dream of earthly pleasures of bright fountains and light-filled halls of learning. Purification is necessary because the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Wisdom, the most holy of holies, cannot endure any darkness or selfishness. This Inner Sanctum is where the Altar of Wisdom holds the overflowing Chalice of Love. The altar and chalice together appear as a Fountain of Wisdom that is the heart of Sophia giving forth endless wisdom and grace. Christ’s love flows in the waters of life that spring from Sophia’s Fountain of Wisdom. When Sophia and Christ unite as Sophia Christos, the nourishment of the divine flows through the fountain to all who consciously drink the waters of life that bring awareness of immortality. This Inner Sanctum is home to the Fountain of Wisdom and Love that beckon the aspirant to enter and drink, thereby finding his personal immortality and the wisdom and love to nurture it.

When you are ready to visit the virtual Temple of Wisdom, a place in the etheric realm that has been created for spiritual seekers anywhere, any place, or any time, please go to our main address at Ourspirit.com or here, in Sophia’s inner sanctuary, where Sophia awaits you.

Goddess Bless,

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel