Inner Sanctum

You have arrived in the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Wisdom where the Divine Feminine Trinity, Sophia as Mother-Daughter-Holy Sophia, unveils Her mysteries to seekers of Wisdom. Tyla and Douglas Gabriel welcome you to a place that attempts to show you the love and hope they found in their own experiences of Sophia. When they received Her Grace, it was manifested as a blinding light, filled with overwhelming love and wisdom light. If you have had this experience, which Rudolf Steiner indicated would happen to more and more of us in contemporary times, you might liken it to a “Damascus experience or event.”

It took the Gabriels many years to “unpack” the experience and put in a form that would be accessible for spiritual seekers to embrace. The experience could not be described in the pages of an ordinary book. Its full expression needed to have a medium that transcended time and space, like the digital wings of the Internet, reaching beyond our hearts and traveling into yours.

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