Touring Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom

It can be overwhelming to step into a grand cathedral, even if it is one that is constructed in the digital realm like Sophia’s virtual Temple of Wisdom. Where to go first? How many rooms are there to explore?  Are there any rooms I haven’t seen yet? Are there secret doors and passageways that I should look for?

Let your heart be your compass. This is a sacred place where Sophia guides you exactly where you need to be, in the right time and to the perfect subject matter that you need to read or hear. Whenever you see a story or phrase that resonates with you, follow it and see where it takes you. If you have a particular subject that you would like to study, then type it into the search bar and see what arises.

Imagine the virtual temple as a location in cyber space that consists of the main grounds, garden, and outer walls of the temple located at and Sophia’s Inner Sanctum here on this site. There is much to explore and learn in Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom whether you visit occasionally or come daily for mediation and contemplation.

There is no need to rush or limit your visits to Sophia’s Temple. Enjoy your studies one page, one link, one story at a time. The magic begins when you notice that your life begins to change–for the better. Your consciousness begins to expand. Your soul begins to stir. Your spirit begins to awaken.

Sacred magic is the gift Sophia bestows upon the aspirant who seeks wisdom. Expect miracles and blessings in your life as you come to know the Divine Feminine Trinity.

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