The Gabriels

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel are the digital architects of Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom. You are now visiting Sophia’s Inner Sanctum where you can contemplate the words, images, and sounds that outline Her presence of love and wisdom. In a previous lifetime, we may have all participated in building a grand cathedral or even the Hagia Sophia in Her honor. We used bricks and mortar, flying buttresses and cupolas, and delicate treatments of gold leaf and precious jewels to create a beautiful physical space of worship.

Now we construct Her temple in the etheric realm, which is found in the hearts of those who seek Her. This is the First Church of Sophia Christos, an etheric temple that is beyond time and space, always awaiting your arrival no matter where you live in the world or when you arrive. To enter the main entrance of the Temple of Wisdom, please go to

To send your blessings and remarks to the Gabriels, please do so below. Unless you indicate otherwise, your comments may be shared on our “What You are Saying” post on the main website. We will only use your initials if we post from your comments.