Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity

To get started right away, download this free PDF version:

The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

Then dive into the full experience of writing copious notes of self-reflection in the margins by purchasing a print copy for $20 US on Amazon.

An e-book version is available through Smashwords.

This is one of the “hymnals” of the First Church of Sophia Christos and is highly recommended as a guide in revealing the nature of the Triple Goddess. Whether studying alone or in a group, you can awaken to Sophia’s love and wisdom as She guides you to higher dimensions of truth and awareness.

As a deed of love and kindness, after reading parts or all of the book, would you post your revelations and comments on Amazon so that others may be drawn to Her Temple of Wisdom?

Thank you for spreading HER GOSPEL around the world.


5 comments on “Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity”

    Can you make the book a Kindle book.
    Thank you.


    1. Our Spirit says:

      It is available on Smashwords as a digital book and should work fine on your Kindle


  2. Hello Tyla Truly Our Lady Wisdom is with you fully. Tyla I am a peaceful warrior who has been out in the battlefield training for these important times.
    I have quite an education given to me by Our Lady Wisdom. I have heard of the Feminine of Yahweh’s wife or the feminine Trinitarian experience. I am willing to understand this language that has been lost and hidden by the masculine patriarchal control of the Roman Catholic Church. It is late Tyla but you and Douglas are my kindred souls that can bring me into my healing ministry….of Therapeutic Theater….it is not an agenda Tyla it is what Jesus and his beautiful mother have given me to do after 31 years of undercover research. I would equate it to being somewhat of a training of a Navy Seal in the worlds terms. My strength is in the Wisdom to be childlike to enter the Kingdom of God the father and mother ….whoaaaa…dangerous words for the uninformed. Mother Mary in Medugorie sorry for the misspelling…it is late and spell checker does not have the spelling but you and Douglas can understand. Our lady told the people she would travel to each home to help….just call out mommy mommy mommy and she would come to her children. SHE DOES….I have called out to my mommy…and my mommy did not lie….you see this gift and grace of being childlike allows for me to process with the Gift of the Holy Spirit the Gift of Knowledge these VERY SICK…and evil ways of these poor souls that got lost in their arrogant comprehension of the ritualistic needs and desires of the human soul to seek the wedding feast of the Lamb…Jesus’s very own heart tissue and blood….that gives us sustenance to deal with such atrocities….Tyla I could tell you of my suffering as an intercessor of the Lamb who offers my suffering to the Lords for the benefit of others….not of my own volition…but of the Lord’s wonderous gift to share with HIS and HER WORK to bring the world back to THE CREATORS design….i am a messenger of THE GREAT I AM….many times has evil tried to eliminate my presence in this world but little did evil know….God the Father/Mother created in my little soul A VOW OF DOCILITY….i am 13 years out of a heart transplant a genetic anomaly from my family….A modern Miracle story FOR THOSE who cannot believe…..would you and Douglas help me intimately…i have The Lords sense of humor….and The Lord wants me as a Holy Fool help his people to laugh and cry….to help the captives be set free….go figure Tyla….Douglas….God the Father/Mother have always been very gracious as to when they bring me helpers or mentors….to do what i can to heal….A HAPPY ENGINEER….I have the calling of a Monk and a Priest and to bring it to the Family and to restore the domestic church….and the balance of the head of the household that is willing to die for their wives as Christ dies for His Bride….” “…. we simply have access to the MIND OF CHRIST….The Mind OF God the Father/Mother’s unconditional agape LOVE….not filial love or conditional love….like my brother dear Peter the First alcoholic personality POPE to lead the church…I am tired and the time here in the Meadows of Sin City…..the harvesting meadows of grace city….My dearly lost friends of truth we have been together before I AM SURE….but i do not need to know where because I have the Amazing Grace to know THE NOW MOMENT….newly open and willing…NOW…I AM TOLD MY DISABILITY IN THE RIGHT HANDERS doing world I HAVE A DISABILITY….i am an Edison Trait Mind….and i am a Verbal Processor….what a humorous undercover gig….to be or not to be Left handed in a world caught in the conditional trap of mind control….Tyla…and Douglas help me to bring the Healing…i think GOD the Father/Mother put these mission statements…..I hope my midnight free source babble….makes sense….and I will leave it to you…..and how the powers that be tell you how to process such raw vulnerability……earlier tonight i heard your presentation of the patent theft…ect….wow…intuitively i knew all along….but the real crazy people of the trap told me i am crazy….I AM CRAZY IN LOVE WITH AGAPE LOVE….pure grace and pure gift…for this form…..there it is THE END+++ I LOOK FORWARD TO THE REST OF THE MYSTICAL DANCE….. Douglas A SUFI COOL…..i wanna be a dancing….to tired to get the right word….but maybe i will dream myself there and i can ask myself who it is that iam to dance….like that….i have to left feet….ha ha ha…Goodnight my beautiful friends who are here to bring in the The next period of God the Father/Mothers creative joy+++ LOVE jAME+++


    1. Our Spirit says:

      James, thank you for this note. We have now made all of our books available for free as PDFs. Make sure to save a copy for yourself. Then share with friends.


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