The Holy Spirit Weds the Holy Sophia

Love is the active force of the Holy Sophia, who grows more powerful as humans spiritually evolve. No one but She is more interested and supportive of one’s personal and spiritual development.

To love another is to suffer the other’s pains and help him carry his load. The Holy Sophia learned about love from the author of love Himself, Christ Jesus. She witnessed all aspects of Christ’s mystical life, His descent from heaven, His suffering and passion, His descent into hell, His resurrection and ascension.

Throughout all of these events, the Holy Sophia was there with Christ, sharing in the experience, writing it into the book of living memory that never fades from the realm of the super-etheric. His deeds fed Her own development. Once He had left, He sent the Holy Spirit to wed the Holy Sophia.

In that sacred marriage, love and wisdom united. The Comforter and the Holy Sophia are ever present for each human who can rise to perceive them. It was the Wisdom of the Mother of Christ to gather in the upper room as Jesus had told them to do. It was the living presence of Christ, the Holy Spirit, that lit the tongues of fire above the apostle’s heads and gave them the ability to speak as angels.

Wisdom is the foundation upon which true love is built and the flame of the spirit ignited.

Humans have been given free will, but we do not know how to use it with moral clarity and spiritual purpose. Like eager children, we sit at the mother’s feet learning about beings and forces that we can barely comprehend.

If we learn to perceive with supersensible organs, we would see Wisdom everywhere. She would teach us about ourselves and the world. Wisdom has created all natural things, yet is a hidden mystery. Science continually discovers new forces and gains knowledge, yet the basic questions remain unanswered.

Today, Wisdom is still as scarce as She ever was. We have yet to accept our inheritance of infinite Wisdom found in our own nature, let alone develop the higher forces of love that carry much more strength and power.

According to spiritual scientists, the present environment has been formed from the forces and Beings of Wisdom. They created this realm as an opportunity for humans to evolve into gods, if we will eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and open our eyes. Eve was right to have eaten the fruit and begin her path to becoming a goddess.

Wisdom is like spiritual nourishment. It is sweet fruit growing all around us if we only knew what tree from which to harvest. Presently, humanity is co-creating the love that will comprise the future environment. When we give love, we build the future.  Humanity will be surrounded and nourished by this love. Abundant love will flow through all. Groups of people will combine to use magical forces of the Word, Holy Logos, to bring all into that realm of love.

This is an excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity, by Tyla Gabriel. All rights reserved.


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