He Crossed the Lily with Grasses


This question comes to us from a reader in Croatia. We thought it might be a question that other spiritual researchers had and that our answer might be useful to others. We are pleased to have readers and viewers from aspirants around the world and invite you to join the global spiritual awakening of AnthropoSophia.

Question:  Is Sorat the demon of our Sun? Does Sorat incarnate or reincarnate? Does Zarathustra have a positive relationship with the sun as a spirit?  Is sun-gazing good as solar yoga?


Sorat, according to Rudolf Steiner, is the sun-demon that is the opposite of the sun forces of Christ – (also called: Elohim, the Exusiai, Powers, or Spirits of Form) which reside on the sun. As Christ works from the Divine Trinity (Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit) into physical manifestation, Christ uses the combined forces of the seven Elohim (the sun and the six major planets) as His vehicle to hold His presence in our solar system. Christ’s work in the hierarchy of the Elohim created the substance that human’s use as their Ego, or I Am. That is why we seek to have the higher Ego of Christ live in our personal Ego. The human being will eventually have three Egos, the Spirit Self (our personal Ego), the Life Spirit (the Ego of Christ), and the Spirit Man or Spirit Human (the Cosmic Ego of Christ). During the Spirit Human time of evolution, we will unite with the sun and then go beyond the sun to the entire cosmos.

The question of Sorat is only lightly touched upon by Rudolf Steiner. Sorat lives on the sun now, fighting with the forces of Christ that work through the forces of the sun.

Sorat is technically a fallen, or retarded, Spirit of Form that stayed behind to create the opposing evil that fights with the Christ sun forces.

Lucifer, a retarded angel being, did incarnate in China around 2000 BC in a physical body.

Ahriman is a retarded archangelic being and has incarnated in our time somewhere in North America.

Lucifer and Ahriman incarnated before and after the incarnation of Christ in Jesus of Nazareth. These two evil forces are the counter-balance for the incarnation of Christ which was the Turning Point of Spirit History (Time). There are also evil beings called Asuras (retarded Archai beings) who do not incarnate in a single body for they are “legion,” many beings that do not take physical incarnation.

Sorat (retarded Spirit of Form) lives on the sun and will not incarnate in a physical body for a long time. Sorat lives through the expression of the Asuras who try to “eat” the Ego of human beings. Sorat tries to eat the personal Ego of humans through stealing aspects of the Ego that humans have given up through unconscious actions and lack of  morality. Sorat rules the Seven Deadly Sins that eat the human soul and spirit (pride, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth and anger). These vices, or sins, are the opposite of the Seven Heavenly Virtues that Christ instills in the Ego of the human being.

Zarathustra was able to see the being of Christ descending to the earth before his incarnation as Christ Jesus in the rays of the sun. These living rays of life spoke to Zarathustra, and he was able to translate the rays of the sun into gifts of Christ to help humanity. Thus, Zarathustra was given a “golden blade” to plow the earth and transform plants and animals into the edible foods we still use today. He crossed the lily with grasses and created grains and the rose with vines and trees to create fruits. Zarathustra was in direct contact with Christ as He descended from the sun to the earth; Zarathustra called Him Ahura Mazda.

In our age, if you look at the sun too long you will go blind. Too much sun will cause cancer, shingles, and many other illnesses. But we know that all life comes from the sun when the forces of the sun (day) are balanced with the forces of night (moon). Waking and sleeping are the rhythms that rock the infant of humanity in its crib. We are not ready to stay awake all day and night – at least not yet. If you had wings and could rise up above the earth high enough, there would be no night – just perpetual sun light. If the atmosphere, with its many layers, did not blanket the earth, the sun would cook the earth and no life would exist. It is because the earth rotates that we have an atmosphere at the surface of the earth that is perfectly suited to human life. It is a balance between opposites.

There are four ethers that we can detect on the earth – warmth, light, sound and life.  There is another ether called Akasha that binds these four together.  Five ethers create the world. But sound and life ether only have a reflection of their true nature on the earth, under the atmosphere that covers us. The true nature of sound and life come directly from the sun but do not make it through the atmosphere. Deadly cosmic rays come from the sun that need to be filtered out in our present time, but in the future, those very cosmic rays will bring nourishment because they carry the true nature of sound and life ether.

Steiner calls them the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. There are people who are more advanced than others and they can “pull down” capacities that humans will have in the future. These individuals can “rise up” through certain breath exercises and timing aligned with the five ethers and “eat” the cosmic rays of the sun that are the “unfallen” sound and life ethers. Humanity as a whole will do this in the future when all that we will need for nourishment will come from the “rays of the sun” and the air, light, water, and warmth that is around us.  That time is far distant and there are very few people who can consistently find all of their nourishment from “solar yoga” or “sun-gazing.” Usually, watching the sun rise and “breathing” in the first ether of the day is enough for most people. Others can take in much more and some can go so far as to give up food and even water. These are well known exceptions to the general rule of moderation in all things – including sun light.

In general, thankfulness and gratitude to the sun should be our constant prayer and acknowledgement. All that we see and are comes from the sun. Our thoughts and nerves are simply captured sunlight in the cave (night) of our own being. We are little suns in the becoming through the warmth we create, the light (thoughts) we shine on others, and the life we share through love. The sun is found in the human heart and the organs that surround it are copies of the six planets. We are a solar system in miniature. We should emulate the sun and use the sun as our personal goal and model. In the far future, we will untie again with the sun, for indeed we came “out of the sun” in the past and will “return” to the sun in the future but only when we can become a sun in miniature in our personal Ego.

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