Our Spirit is a Cosmic Cornucopia: Take a Look

When the we met in late 2011, our universes collided with the amazing possibilities that lay in front of us as spiritual researchers. Both Tyla and Douglas had pursued the studies of AnthropoSophia for decades, each in their different, yet compatible ways. You can imagine how excited we were to find in one another, the completion of the picture we had been imagining for years. For the next year (2012) we compared notes and thoughts about how we could best present the being of Sophia to others.

How could we demonstrate the nature and experience of a being that transcends time and space in the limited form of a 3D book? How could we leave room for sacred magic and synchronicity to dance between the words and images of our presentation? How could our own experience of Sophia be communicated to others in a reflection of our experience of Her? And, most important, how could these teachings be transmitted to anyone, anywhere, at anytime?

Although we knew that physical books would be necessary to “anchor” our project in the material world, we wanted to go beyond books. We also saw the growing trend of using web platforms for information dissemination. The internet, websites, computers, smart phones, and tablets aren’t going away–so how could these devices and tools be used to create a new type of literary genre? We started out with the intention of creating a revolutionary book on Sophia, but instead, created an eternal book that has become a unique experience for each reader, spiritual researcher, and aspirant.

See Enter the Temple of Wisdom to learn more about the unique features of the revolutionary literary experience of Our Spirit.

For the next two years (2013-14), we worked on publishing two of the three books in The Gospel of Sophia series. Once these were completed, we were ready to start letting others know about the virtual temple we were building. On July 27, 2014 we sent out our first newsletter filled with excerpts from The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity (GOS vol 1). Some early brave souls actually started reading our newsletters and acquiring their own copies of our books. We continued to write and post. Each article, book, video, e-books, and newsletter became “building materials” for Sophia’s virtual Temple of Wisdom.

Also important was that we needed early readers to start digesting the voluminous materials we were posting and publishing. Early readers, you know who you are! We can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement.

Imagine stumbling into the Temple of Sophia at Our Spirit for the first time. It can be quite overwhelming. It was important to have have at least 144 early spiritual researchers engaged so that when we unveiled the project, there would be enough people that understood what had been created. And, indeed, there are many more than 144 of you around the world that have been involved in this endeavor.

It is now February 2017 and it has taken that long to put together enough content to show you what our virtual Temple of Wisdom, Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom, looks like in a place beyond time and space. In the newsletter below, we brought it all together to show our readers what they had been watching us build for the last five years:

Cosmic Cornucopia: February 2017 newsletter.


As we go forward, we will be constructing a “wing” on to the virtual temple for our curriculum writings on the education of the etheric body. As we construct the material needed for this body of work, we will be posting it on a web page that is “collecting” the materials needed to build the curriculum — The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children.

We are also working with our geopolitical web partners in creating a dynamic new way to disseminate TRUTH news and research on a unique web platform. By visiting the American Intelligence Media, you are helping us build a Mothership that can carry truth and wisdom into the far corners of the Earth. We aren’t ready to reveal the unique structure of this platform yet, but when we do, our readers will be the first to see it.

Engage with Us

We pour our work out to you with love.

We try to make as much content available to you for free. Of course, there are expenses in printing and mailing books, but the gift to you extends far beyond the books we hope you purchase.

Please help us spread the good news of Sophia in whatever way She moves you and with your special capacities.

You are as much an instrument of Sophia as we are.


One comment on “Our Spirit is a Cosmic Cornucopia: Take a Look”
  1. evelyn martiens says:

    Thanks, for showing up n my life at the precise moment. You two are a blessing to me. Much love. Evelyn

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