Anthropo Sophia is a Living Being

“Anthroposophia is in herself an invisible human being who goes amongst visible human beings towards whom we have the greatest conceivable responsibility who must indeed be regarded as an invisible human being, as someone with a real existence, who should be consulted in all life’s individual actions, to whom we are responsible in everything that happens is to be viewed in consultation with the human being Anthroposophia . . .as a living being . . . So that is what is necessary: true seriousness in our following of that invisible human being to whom I have just spoken.”  Rudolf Steiner

As we began to post and write about the being of Anthroposophia several years ago, our anthroposophic readers queried us on what Rudolf Steiner had to say about her. The research was too much for a post, so we arranged it as an e-book that can be downloaded from our main site.

Many thanks to the readers that let us know that Steiner and Sophia study groups are now using this paper to discover more about the anthroposophic nature of the being of Sophia.

The e-book can be accessed here: Mysteries of Sophia.


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