The Heart Knows its Home

No time or space can prevent the heart from feeling that the other part of her nature is summoning her to realms where eyes and ears have no power. The heart knows when it is home and when it stands next to its spiritual mate.

When the soul and spirit merge, futures burst forth.

They echo endlessly.

Time and space dissolve.

The heart’s eternal nature resonates with the universal pulse of life.

These moments are never forgotten, no matter how dark the way nor how seemingly lost along the path one may appear.

It often happens that an aspirant wishes to love the spirit but knows not which spirit is which. He has not developed the supersensible organs necessary to commune with the spirit clearly. It is easy to confuse who is who and which aspect of our multi-faceted being is which.

Sophia is so close to us that we might assume She is our personal guardian angel, but She is not. The higher self looks like Christ, but it is not; there is a subtle but important distinction.

The soul looks like Sophia and passes through many of Her faces, but it is not Sophia.

Sophia Herself has three faces in the Divine Feminine Trinity and at least twelve facets that manifest in the human soul, but She is not one of the beings in the Male Trinity.

It takes three separate biographies to describe the nature of the three beings in the Divine Feminine Trinity. Still, we cannot fathom Her depths.

In other words, Christ and Sophia bring tremendous forces to bear on our personal self-development. They help us develop, step by step, the forces we need to understand our Earthly self and our spiritual self as they blossom into a world filled with new supersensible beings and realities.

This marriage to the higher self is the ultimate phenomenon that happens to a human being, evidenced by the person developing into a wise, humble, and loving being. The soul becomes like its spiritual partner in the heavenly worlds. It starts to take on virtuous characteristics in her personal nature.

These spiritual effects are universal. The higher one develops, the more moral character and levity enter the human soul, demonstrated by a non-judgmental, accepting, and kind attitude of soul that draws everyone into its warmth. The more the soul loves the spirit, the more the spirit blesses the soul with patience, compassion, and the higher virtues. After spending time as the Beloved in the spiritual world, the soul begins to see the spirit all about him. The Earth lights up with joy. Wisdom and love are found everywhere.

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