What You Are Saying

Our readers and viewers share their insight and reflections with other Sisters and Brothers of Sophia around the world. We have a special place to post your comments on our website: What You Are Saying.  If you would like to share your reflections, please contact us.

Additionally, we welcome your comments on Amazon, for any of our books, as they can be helpful to people considering a purchase. Please consider hyperlinking any of your favorite web pages within your comments.

Help us share the GOSPEL, truly the good news, of SOPHIA with your friends, colleagues, and other spiritual seekers by re-posting any of our content to your social media sites. This is how we can reintroduce the Mother-Daughter-Holy Sophia into the world’s spiritual practices and pursuits. The feminine divine has been hidden for too long in HIStory. Let’s start telling HERstory so that we can bring balance and harmony to the male-female divinities in the world again.

We are all pilgrims, so to speak, in this journey which may well live beyond any of us. Consider making your contribution in spreading the good news.

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