Our Spirit Prayer

Hail Holy Mother! Know Her!

Our Mother, Who art risen from the endarkened tomb!

Hail Queen of Heaven!

Seated on Your celestial Throne beside Your Son.

Thou art the One and the Many, Thrice Great Goddess!

Hail Triple Goddess of Birth, Death, and Rebirth!

Who has created and sustains all visible and invisible worlds and lets them, in time,

Fall back into Her creative womb at the moment of death, to be born again renewed.

Thou Who art the past, present, and future—ruling the world with wisdom and virtue.

Thou art Three in One: Mother, Daughter, and Holy Sophia,

In co-creative union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Before time began or space whirled into manifestation,

Together with the Ground of Being that moves not.

Hail Goddess of the Seven Pillars of Virtue and Time!

Teacher of Humility—Who builds fortitude and obedience to the spirit,

Teacher of Compassion—Who gives kindness to the heart to develop love,

Teacher of Purity—Who instills self-control through chastity and prudence,

Teacher of Generosity—Who shares justice through charity and selflessness,

Teacher of Temperance—Who ignites patience in the soul to tame desires,

Teacher of Diligence—Who births hope to engender spirit zeal and persistence,

Teacher of Patience—Who endures with kindness and faith through divine mercy.

Hail Sophia! Ruler of Wisdom and Space!

We know You as:

Creatrix—Who gives life eternal and holds all creation in Her heart,

Mother of All—Who tends Her children with loving devotion,

Goddess of Wisdom—Who thinkers have courted and loved wholeheartedly,

Goddess of Nature—Who brings untold power and strength into the world,

Goddess of Beauty—Who we hold and emulate in our soul and spirit,

Cosmic Virgin—Who is cleansed and purified as a radiant vessel of spirit,

Holy Bride—Who is ready for the alchemical wedding of soul to spirit,

The Beloved—Who is joined in spiritual union for all times to come,

Goddess of Love—Who is author of the primal force of creation,

Mother of God—Who birthed the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Queen of Heaven—Who is raised back to Her primal Throne of Wisdom,

Most Holy Trinosophia—Who is Three in One, when time and space are no more,

Sophia Christos—Who is the Wisdom of Christ’s cosmic nature and etheric revelation.

Hail Most Holy Trinosophia!

Bless our petition of the heart: to always draw closer to Your ways,

To Know You as Mother of all worlds, Who is the ground of the Father.

Teach us the Wisdom of Your Daughter, Who wed Christ to redeem darkness and death,

Joining Holy Sophia and the Holy Spirit in fiery union as World Pentecost,

Baptizing those who mount to higher realms witnessing the Heavenly Marriage

Of Male and Female Trinities wed as holy union divine—Sophia Christos.

Prayer taken from The Gospel of Sophia, Sophia Christos Initiation by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel.

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