Mother of the Divine Feminine Trinity

The following remarks of Rudolf Steiner highlight the nature of the Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine Trinity.  The evolution, or biography, of this being is part of the creation of the natural world.  All that presents itself to us in the world around us are the prior donations of the Mothers, the three previous incarnations of the Earth (Saturn, Sun, and Moon).  

The Realm of the Mothers: The Mater Gloriosa, Dornach, August 16, 1915

The Mothers, who are also an “Ever-Feminine,” are three in number; the Mother, the Mater Gloriosa, is singular.  Now these two kinds of striving – to the Mothers on the one hand, which places us in the period of evolution before the Mystery of Golgotha, and to the Mother on the other, the Mater Gloriosa, which places us in the period of evolution after the Mystery of Golgotha – don’t they show us with the their overwhelming poetic splendor what the Mystery of Golgotha has brought us?  The three Mothers became the one Mother, the Mater Gloriosa, in that the human being has progressed to the point of being inwardly permeate by the “I,” in the manner with which we are familiar.  And this transition from the Ever-Feminine as a trinity to the Ever-Feminine as a unity is one of the greatest, most wonderful, most beautiful of all the artistic enhancements in the second part of Faust.

Isis and Madonna, Berlin April 29, 1909

The Mothers weave and live in a region where the forms of the visible world are fashioned.  We must transcend everything that lives in space and time if we wish to penetrate to these Mothers.  Formation, transformation, is the essence of their realm.  They are mysterious goddesses who rule in a spirit realm behind sensible reality.  All that is given to our senses is born out of this realm of the Mothers.  This mysterious mother realm of all earthly and physical things is the realm of the divine substance of all things.  The realm of the Mothers is the realm of the spiritual world. They are the primordial grounds of existence.

The human soul dwelling within us is, in a certain sense, Isis, the eternal feminine in us that draws us onward to the realm out of which we are born.

When our gaze fall on the Madonna and is permeated with deep feeling, the soul partakes in certain knowledge of the mighty riddle of the world.  We realize that in such surrender our soul, seeking in itself the eternal feminine, yearns for the divine Father Spirit born out of the cosmos, to whom we give birth as the Son in our own soul.

Goethe’s Faust from the Standpoint of Spiritual Science, Strassburg, January 23, 1910

The Mothers have always been what people come to know when their spiritual eyes are opened.  The very foundation of physical objects is no longer visible through physical eyes, but where it is, is where the Mothers are.  The realm of the Mothers is the spiritual world.

The “Ever-Feminine” is what the human soul represents as it stands face to face with the mystery of the universe.  It is what yearns as the eternal element in the human being: the eternal feminine that draws the soul onward and upward to the eternally immortal, the eternal wisdom and that surrenders itself to the eternal masculine.

 Mystical Knowledge and Spiritual Revelation of Nature: Perception of Spirits, Dornach, 8.15.1915

The interior of the female organization – what is bodily and physical as well as what expresses itself as soul in connection with the physical body – all this bears the marks of Saturn, Sun, and Moon periods in the most eminent sense. The macrocosmic aspect of the Saturn, Sun, and Moon evolutions is carried over within the woman and is taken up into the microcosm of the woman, whereas the macrocosm of the immediately preceding part of Earth evolution is taken up into the microcosm of the man.

Mater Gloriosa (Sophia) has carried the everlasting effects of the Saturn, Sun, and Moon periods over into the Earth period in the purest way, has left them untouched by what is earthly and united herself with the macrocosm by being allowed to prepare the Christ for the earth.

 The Christmas Conference, Chapter 5

This human karma is at first only the background, a curtain, like a veil.  But if we look behind this veil, we gaze at the weaving deeds and workings and influences of Archai, Archangeloi, Angeloi; Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai; Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

We can see by these remarks that the being that stands behind Anthroposophia (Holy Sophia) and the Cosmic Being of Wisdom (Kyriotetes-the Daughter of Sophia) is the combined nine hierarchies – the Mothers, who later became Mater Gloriosa, the Mother of All.  Together they make the Divine Feminine Trinity of Mother, Daughter, and Holy Sophia.


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