Love is not logical.

It is not dual in its nature.

It comes from nowhere, and can build entire worlds from nothing.

Love is a river flowing forth Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition into the soul and spirit of the seeker.

Love is the cause of all effects.

Love comes from beyond the visible world.

It is the ever-present master force that binds all things together without coercion.

Love creates affinities, unites differences and brings forth life while comforting death.

Love is the eternal in the world.

It races everywhere it is needed, and slows enough to allow us to catch up.

Love is not an emotion, for emotions swing between sympathy and antipathy.

Love is ever-steady and faithful.

It is not a thought, for its manifestation is beyond what human thought can envision.

Without hands, love shatters worlds and builds worlds.

Love creates life and children.

It may only flow into the future, for love is ever new, fresh and becoming.

Love is not the past. Only through grace and mercy does love come to show Herself passing into the future.

Love is not tangible, and has built the world and spanned all space.

Love is pure. It cannot be bought or sold. Nothing can contain it.

This is universal love. Undefinable. Unimaginable. Surely to be praised and worshipped for lifting humans from exclusive love of the few to love of all.

Like the sun, love shines upon all equally and personally manifests as the one and the many.

Love is the cause of creation and creation never stops. Thus, love never ends.

A selection from The Gospel of Sophia, The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity, by Tyla Gabriel


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