Join the Cosmic Dance

The aspirant learns to nourish the soul by transforming earthly soul forces into spiritual organs. The initiate’s offerings of daily Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition feed the angels and light up the dark polar skies with a new human glow made from the suns of human hearts. This “earth-light” rainbow also bathes the third eye of the initiate and creates a golden glow about the head, known as the halo.

The combined forces of thinking, feeling, and willing lead to Intuition. Proper synchronization of these forces creates a divine resonance that morphologically changes the shape, or grail, that the initiate offers the spiritual world to fill with the downward-flowing divine nourishment known as love, grace, mercy, faith, joy, bliss, and the many other blessings associated with this filling of the grail.

This spiritual nourishment is what we are seeking because it brings peace, gratitude, and the other heavenly virtues. All the angelic hosts love to join in singing and moving together in the harmonies of life as we join in this cosmic dance. We are spiritual sky dancers, like the angels, when we become unencumbered by the weight of earthly desires. Divine pleasure lifts us out of this world into a place the ancients have called the Temple of Wisdom, where we find divine pleasures of communion with higher beings.

The aspirant’s task is to cleanse the desire body each night before going to sleep so that consciousness may be awakened in the Temple. The aspirant also may enter this realm during meditation if she is able to cross the threshold while awake. Each night, the aspirant brings those moments in the day when thinking, feeling, and willing were unified and cohesive as gifts to the spiritual world. This is referred to as “building a house” in the spiritual world. Admittedly, it may only be a humble dwelling at first, but it is the virtuous effort of a striving soul. This edifice, house, or temple can be any symbolic structure the aspirant imagines, but it is holy ground whereupon spiritual instruction and nourishment is delivered.

As the aspirant develops the ability to “see” this spiritual world and to “hear” and “move about” in it, infinite possibilities open. Looking about and investigating the edifice often reveals what inspires the aspirant in life. He might find mighty columns, great domed rooms with stars shining from faraway constellations, or ever-changing colors on its walls. It might resemble an ancient temple of Isis-Sophia, the first Goetheanum, or an enclave hidden deep within a forest.

This marvelous coherence of thinking, feeling, and willing is seldom achieved in the modern age. It takes self-reflection, objectivity, and mental development, for which there is little time in a busy, hyper-materialistic life. There are too many things to do, problems to solve, and emails and texts to send and receive to find time to speculate about the other side of the threshold of sleep.

An unresolved relationship to any of those issues can be the source of mental, psychological, and physical illness. Yet, with no time or attention for meditation, contemplation, reading, or thinking about spiritual thoughts during waking hours, our sleep, which should be a time for the spiritual world to nourish and refresh us, can become disrupted with nightmares, dreamlessness, sleeplessness, and/or uncontrollable thoughts.

We are a trinity that reflects the Holy Trinity. The three parts of our self can embark in different directions at once or be focused as one powerful being who is able to be in three places at once.

Here lies beautiful complexity. The human being is the confluence of multiple beings and forces all acting in concert to create a single, unified consciousness of One. The Mystery of Three is to know the Three as One and still be the Many.

This is an excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia, Sophia Christos Initiation, by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

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