Sophia Christos Initiation

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The Gospel of Sophia: Sophia Christos Initiation

Then dive into the full experience of writing copious notes of self-reflection in the margins by purchasing a print copy for $20 US on Amazon.

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This is the culminating “hymnal” of the First Church of Sophia Christos and outlines the self-initiation process of the Seventh Seal. This book, like the other books in the series, is highly recommended as a guide in revealing the nature of the Triple Goddess. Whether studying alone or in a group, you can awaken to Sophia’s love and wisdom as She guides you to higher dimensions of truth and awareness.

As a deed of love and kindness, after reading parts or all of the book, would you post your revelations and comments on Amazon so that others may be drawn to Her Temple of Wisdom?

Thank you for spreading HER GOSPEL around the world.


2 comments on “Sophia Christos Initiation”
  1. My spiritual life of awakening experiences accelerated at a perfect pace for me since reading this trilogy back in 2014. I’m indeed blessed that the beautiful Sophia entered my life so powerfully, unexpectedly, through this work that has resulted in an an expanding joyous daily service in love, to The Great Mother.
    With loving gratitude to you both.

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    1. Our Spirit says:

      Thank you for sharing this.


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